Amy Steward, Emerald Keepers

10th Annual Zero Waste Symposium

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Amy Steward

Emerald Keepers

Amy Steward is a retired educator of 28 years having taught grades 2 – 8. Most recently she taught digital media, television broadcast, and journalism to middle school students. Amy began her career as a park ranger teaching visitors and school groups about ecosystems and the park’s flora and fauna. In 2019, she founded Emerald Keepers, a non-profit organization whose two-fold purpose is to (1) address local needs related to environmental stewardship and sustainability for generations to come and (2) make Coronado a model city of sustainability. Promoting community education and activism, Amy is committed to banning single-use plastics and lessening her community’s carbon footprint. Amy holds a BS in Outdoor Education & Recreational Leadership, and an MS in Educational Leadership and Administration.

2.21.23 @ 2:21 PM