Ignite Your Non-Profit’s Impact: Join the Zero Waste Symposium!

You can elevate your organization to new heights of influence and impact by participating in the Zero Waste Symposium – the ultimate gathering for stakeholders committed to the zero waste movement.

As a Non-Profit in San Diego, we invite you to join us and participate in this positive force for change.

Why Your Non-Profit Shouldn’t Miss This Opportunity:

You will connect, network, and learn from the best in the zero-waste community. You will also gain insights into innovations, trends, and community engagement strategies to propel your nonprofit’s mission forward.

Exclusive Non-Profit Benefits:

  1. Connect with other Non-Profits: Forge alliances with like-minded organizations in San Diego, creating a network that amplifies your collective impact.
  2. Network with Government Agencies and Advocates: Position your non-profit at the forefront of change by connecting with government agencies, academics, and passionate zero-waste advocates.
  3. Learn about Innovations and Trends: Stay ahead in your mission by gaining valuable insights into the latest innovations and trends in the zero waste sphere.
  4. Community Engagement: Immerse your organization in the dynamic energy of the zero waste movement through engaging symposium events.
  5. Hear Success Stories: Learn how other non-profits successfully engage with businesses, municipalities, and communities, inspiring new strategies for your organization.
  6. Increase Visibility and Commitment: Showcase your commitment to zero waste and boost your organization’s visibility within the environmental community.
  7. Reach New Donors: Expand your reach and connect with potential donors within the zero waste community.

Secure Your Place in the Zero Waste Movement!

Take advantage of this transformative opportunity. Click below to secure your organization’s spot at the Zero Waste Symposium and be part of the force driving positive change.