2024 Zero Waste Symposium Program

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Time Track Description
8:00 AM Opening Welcome to the Zero Waste Symposium
Speaker: Richard Anthony
9:00 AM Opening Land Acknowledgment
Speaker: Alison Schlick
9:02 AM Opening Definition of Zero Waste and The Nine Principles
Speaker: Richard Anthony
9:07 AM State Politics Bringing Zero Waste To The California Senate
Speaker: Senator Catherine Blakespear
9:12 AM Affiliate Update Updates On California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA)
Speaker: Tracie Bills
9:22 AM Keynote Three Perspectives On Getting To The Circular Economy
Speakers: William O’Toole, Tina Nguyen, and Isabella Sullins
9:37 AM State Legislation California’s Policies and Legislations Update
Speaker: Nick Lapis
9:48 AM Local Politics City of San Diego Measure B Update
Speaker: Councilmember Joe LaCava
9:59 AM Local Gov’t County of San Diego SB 1383 Update
Speaker: Kaitlin Lowe
10:10 AM Local Gov’t City of San Diego – On The Road To Zero Waste
Speaker: Renee Robertson
10:21 AM Local Gov’t City of Chula Vista – Organic Waste Program
Speaker: Manuel Medrano
10:32 AM Hauler State of Recycling (Hauler’s Perspective)
Speaker: Richard Coupland
10:43 AM SB 54 Panel Let’s Talk About SB 54
Speaker: Manuel Medrano
10:53 AM SB 54 Panel Sustainability Ever After: Decoding California’s Plastic Reduction, Recycle, Compost Legislation
Speaker: Lori Mendez
11:03 AM SB 54 Panel SB 54: Addressing the Impacts of Single-Use Packaging & Plastic Food Service Ware
Speaker: Doug Kobold
11:13 AM   Q & A
11:29 AM   Lunch / Networking
12:55 PM Local Program Reduce and Reuse: How Do I Track What I Don’t Know!
Speaker: Sue Beets-Atkinson
1:06 PM Local Program Partnership Opportunities with PaintCare
Speaker: Valentina Hopkins
1:17 PM Local Program The Middle Way of Sustainability
Speaker: meg ferrigno
1:28 PM Local Program Successfully Tackling The Hidden Retail Plastic Wrap Problem
Speaker: Matthew Clough
1:39 PM Local Program Keeping The Planet Beautiful One Haircut At a Time
Speakers: Melissa Parker and Easton Bajsec
1:50 PM Local Action San Diego Brewcycling Collaborative: Fermenting Change in San Diego Craft Beverage Industry Since 2021
Speaker: Luke Suttmiller
2:01 PM Youth NPO Building Sustainable Communities Through Youth Education and Community Composting
Speaker: Tina Matthias
2:12 PM Youth NPO The Next Generation of Emerald Keepers
Speaker: Emerald Keepers H.S. Interns
2:23 PM   Q & A
2:35 PM   Break / Networking
2:50 PM Local Action Sustainable Packaging: Our Roles in Driving Innovation
Speaker: Michelle Mayther
3:01 PM Local Action Plant a garden and save the planet!
Speaker: Fredrika Syren
3:12 PM Local Action Sustainability and Community
Speaker: Liz Murphy
3:23 PM Local Action Closing the Loop One Swap At a Time
Speaker: Amy Unruh
3:34 PM Local Action The Natural Cycle of Organic Material
Speaker: Jessica Toth
3:45 PM Local Action Zero Waste San Diego: We Are Small, But We’re Mighty
Speaker: Zero Waste San Diego
3:50 PM   Q & A
4:00 PM Regional Education Need for Regional Education Program
Speaker: Richard Anthony
4:06 PM Regional Education Measure D: 30 Years Lessons Learned
Speaker: Ruth Abbe
4:19 PM Closing Remarks Richard Anthony
4:30 PM Networking Join us at Khan’s Cave to keep the discussion going!
9350 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123