Zero Waste Symposium 2024

Sue Beets-Atkinson

Sue Beets-Atkinson

SMB Corp

  • Reduce and Reuse how do I track what I don’t know!
  • February 28, 2024 12:55 pm
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About Sue

Sue Beets-Atkinson is the Global Vice President of Sustainability for SBM Management Services, LP. With more than 30 years of resource management and recycling experience, she has successfully designed and implemented many large and complex recycling programs for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Beets-Atkinson regularly reinvents systems for improved efficiency and is the driving force behind SBM’s Sustainability program offerings, which include Zero Waste Planning, Zero Waste Gap Analysis, plus TRUE certification. We have been focusing on finding the missing items from reuse and reduction.

SBM is an industry leader in recycling with corporate dedication and on-site program support, contributing to customer diversion and waste reduction. SBM provides clients with information and assistance including, but not limited to, communication about appropriate placement of waste and recyclables, education, and tracking of on-site diversion. SBM as an organization is committed to sustainability, as demonstrated by the waste reduction policy endorsed by the company’s CEO and owner. SBM’s goal is to help clients achieve the highest possible waste reduction by identifying areas of improvement both up and down-stream, with the ultimate goal of assisting clients on the path to zero waste.