Zero Waste Symposium 2024

Bella Sullins

Bella Sullins

Program Implementation Coordinator

EcoNomics Inc

  • Three Perspectives on Getting to the Circular Economy
  • February 28, 2024 9:22 am
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About Bella

Inspired by a high school environmental science class, Bella has aimed to be a better steward of creation by constantly seeking to sharpen her knowledge of sustainability and build deep empathy with those around her. Bella received her Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies at Point Loma Nazarene University. For her senior project, Bella created newsletters highlighting small businesses in her community that went outside traditional business systems and prioritized sustainable strategies.

Bella served as a Nature Specialist near Yosemite National Park, where she had the privilege of showcasing the beauty of creation to kids, and shortly after, she worked at a non-profit as a Community Engagement Outreach Assistant. Both led her to her current role as a Program Implementation Coordinator at EcoNomics Inc. Bella is elated to bridge people and policy. She constantly imagines a world where humans can coexist in harmony with nature. In all her work, she hopes to share the beauty of creation with others so they may be inspired to make change in their communities.